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DMT crystals


DMT crystals, Dimethyltryptamine is a powerful psychoactive chemical in the tryptamine group. It produces strong psychedelic effects (e.g. visual hallucinations). A form of it extracted from certain plants has been used for centuries in traditional South American shamanistic rituals. (Ayahuasca,Yage,etc.) Very short duration of action, up to 5 minutes.


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Does it really naturally exist in your brain? 

No one knows for sure.

Some experts believe the pineal gland produces it in the brain and releases it when we dream.

Others believe it’s released during birth and death. Some go further to say this release of DMT at death may be responsible for those mystical near-death experiences you sometimes hear about.


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Why do people take DMT? 

In short, to trip their brains out. People who smoke DMT are rapidly propelled into an intense alternative reality.

Users have described seeing the face of God, visiting other worlds and having conversations with aliens. A common experience is visiting a desert populated by large grey owls and being able to speak to them in an unknown language.

The trip doesn’t last long, but it’s about as intense as you can get.


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